Teacher Name Website(s)
Erin Allen  Art 2 Website      Art 4 Website
Jennifer Balkey Mrs. Balkey's Website
Jason Breeding Mr. Breeding's Website
Rebekah Butler Mrs. Butler's Website
Valerie Clay US History with Ms. Clay
Karen Clemmer Biology Period 6
Honors Biology
Davina Copsy English 12 - Ms. Copsy
Intro to Philosphy Dual Enrollment
Kiersten Donahue Ms. Donahue's Website
Lindsey Flint Gifted Education
Davian Gale Mrs. Gale's Biology Class
Chris Gallagher Advanced Placement U.S. Government and Politics
Honors World History II: 1500 to the Present
World Religions
Amanda Grimm Ms. Grimm's Classes
Brian Hamelman Digital Photography
Photography II
Perry Hardin Mr. Hardin's Website
Mary Holton Mrs. Holton's Website
Michelle Kirby Mrs. Kirby's PE10 & Driver's Education
Sarah Leadbetter Ms. Leadbetter's Website
Mike LeNoir Mr. LeNoir's Website
Andy Martin Profe Martin - Spanish II
Profe Martin - Spanish III
Lynn McCrady Madame McCrady's French Class
Ashlee Payne English 10 Website
English 11 DE Website
Susan Petriella Ms. Petriella's Website
Zachary Rhodenizer Mr. Rhodenizer's Website
Theresa Ritter Mrs. Ritter's Website
Robyn Sherman Family and Consumer Sciences Website
David Simms Mr. Simms' Class Website
Pamela St. Clair Spanish IV DE
Spanish V AP/DE
Kimberly Troise Ms. Troise's Website
Jamie Vest Profesora Vest's Spanish I
Profesora Vest's Spanish II
Lauren Williamson Mrs. Williamson's History Website
Jessica Wise Mrs. Wise's Math Classroom Page
Jeff Wiseman Auto Technology at RCHS
Scott Youngdahl  Dr. Youngdahl's Spanish Class Website