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Name Position E-Mail Address
Mike Craft Principal mike_craft
Paige Owens Assistant Principal paige_owens
Angela Wilder Assistant Principal angela_wilder
Steven Wilder Supervisor of CTE/TI steven_wilder
Melanie Falls Supervisor of ATSS melanie_falls
Rick Lollis Athletic Director rick_lollis
Travis Rogers Assistant to the Athletic Director travis_rogers
Karen Emrey Administrative Secretary karen_emrey
Lisa Zitmore Administrative Secretary lisa_zitmore
Lisa Miller Bookkeeper lisa_miller
Mike Cash School Resource Officer mike_cash
Mike LeNoir Business/Information Technology mike_lenoir
Cindy Lunsford Business cindy_lunsford
Donna Wallace Business donna_wallace
Career and Technical Education (CTE)
Kurt Bennett Carpentry/Intro to Construction kurt_bennett
Jeff Boyd Auto Body jeff_boyd
Sean Duncan Automotive Technology sean_duncan
James Gerken Drafting and Design Technology/Econ & Finance james_gerken
Tate Jarvis (Chair) Electronics/Robotics alton_jarvis
Lisa Martin Small Animal Care/Vet Science lisa_martin
Robbie Martin HVAC robbie_martin
Robyn Sherman Family & Consumer Sciences robyn_sherman
Rebecca Tilson Agriculture/Equine/Forestry rebecca_tilson
Corey Wallace Culinary Technology corey_wallace
Debbie Wright Health Assistant/Nursing deborah_wright
Valerie Clay English (9, 12) valerie_clay
Michael Converse English (11) michael_converse
Davina Copsy English (12) davina_copsy
Sarah Edwards English (9) sarah_edwards
Laura Harrawood English (10)/Journalism laura_harrawood
Annie Knepper (Chair) English (11, 12) ann_knepper
Sarah Leadbetter English (10) sarah_leadbetter
Kim Loy English (9) kim_loy
Earnestine Runkle English (9, 11) earnestine_runkle
David Simms English (9, 10)/Creative Writing david_simms
Mary Yob English (10, 11) mary_yob
Fine Arts and Performing Arts
Erin Allen Art/Ceramics erin_allen
Lori Apgar (Chair) Art/Decorative & Functional Arts lori_apgar
Linda Gorman Theatre Arts linda_gorman
Brian Hamelman Digital Photography/Photojournalism brian_hamelman
Jennifer Hess Band & Chorus jennifer_hess
Independent Studies
Greer Stene Coordinator of Independent Study greer_stene
Paul Pelter ISS Coordinator paul_pelter
Library Media Center
Amanda Burks Library Media Center amanda_burks
Mary Ellen Carter Library Media Center maryellen_carter
Joann Blouin Algebra 2/Geometry joann_blouin
Marcy Carpenter Algebra 2/Geometry marcy_carpenter
Scott Fleshman AP Statistics/Geometry scott_fleshman
Perry Hardin (Chair) Algebra 2/Capstone/Pre-Calc perry_hardin
Kim Henk  Algebra 1/Algebra 2 kimberly_henk
Amy Hinkle Algebra 1/AFDA amy_hinkle
Chris McGrath Calculus christopher_mcgrath
Sue Seaman  Algebra 2/Intro to Calc/Pre-Calc sue_seaman
Kim Troise  Algebra 1 kim_troise
Jessica Wise AFDA/Pre-Calc jessica_wise
Online and Adult Education
Lindsay Brooks Alternative & Adult Ed. lindsay_brooks
David Miller Online Education david_miller
Ariadne Paxton Online Education ariadne_paxton
Physical Education
Eddie Brown (Chair) P.E. (10)/Driver's Ed./Strength Training eddie_brown
Heath Glass P.E. (9) heath_glass
Travis Roadcap P.E. (9)/Strength Training travis_roadcap
Sherry Wilhelm P.E. (10)/Driver's Ed. sherry_wilhelm
School Counseling
Christina Burkhardt (Chair) Counselor for Last Names: A-F christina_burkhardt
Rhonda Pedigo Counselor for Last Names: G-O rhonda_pedigo
Mathew Rapoza Counselor for Last Names: P-Z mathew_rapoza
Joan Coffey Registrar joan_coffey
Lisa van Ravenswaay Guidance Secretary lisa_vanravenswaay
School Nurse
Brooke E. Scott, LPN, CLC Nurse brooke_scott
Sherry Baucom Chemistry sherry_baucom
Chris Bowring Earth Science/Astronomy christopher_bowring
Karen Clemmer Biology karen_clemmer
Cynthia Littleton (Chair) Biology/Biology 2/Anatomy cynthia_littleton
Chris McGrath Physics christopher_mcgrath
Lars Nelson Earth Science/Geology lars_nelson
Ariadne Paxton Biology ariadne_paxton
Zachary Rhodenizer Chemistry zachary_rhodenizer
Elaine Shanks Science/Oceanography elaine_shanks
Danny Wheeler Biology danny_wheeler
Social Studies
Chris Gallagher Government/World History 2 christopher_gallagher
Dennis Moore US History/World History dennis_moore
Mark Poston World History/World History 2 mark_poston
Sandra Thompson (Chair) Government sandra_thompson
Lauren Torbick Econ & Finance/World History 2 lauren_torbick
Atlanta Watts Government/World History 2 atlanta_watts
Paul Williams US History paul_williams
Lauren Williamson US History lauren_williamson
Special Education
Patsy Aligood Teacher Assistant patsy_aligood
Jeanne Beard Academic Resource jeanne_beard
Andy Coffey Academic Resource/English/Geometry/Government andy_coffey
Jessika Crance Academic Math/English/School to Work jessika_crance
Sharon Garthwaite Teacher Assistant sharon_garthwaite
Nancy Hamilton Teacher Assistant nancy_hamilton
Amy Hepler Academic Resource/Reading/Daily Living amy_hepler
Robin Kramer Teacher Assistant robin_kramer
Peggy McCormick Teacher Assistant peggy_mccormick
Amanda McCoy Academic Res/Adapt PE/Biology/Earth Science amanda_mccoy
Russ Pedigo Teacher Assistant russ_pedigo
Donnie Perkins Academic Resource/Algebra/AFDA donnie_perkins
Lindsay Stutsman Academic Resource/OJT/Work Experience lindsay_stutsman
Tamara Trombetta Teacher Assistant tamara_trombetta
Tina Wanovich (Chair) Reading/Academic Resource tina_wanovich
World Language
Patrick Bradley Latin patrick_bradley
Lynn Harvey-McCrady French lynn_mccrady
Andy Martin Spanish andy_martin
Pamela St. Clair (Chair) French/Spanish pamela_st.clair
Jamie Vest Spanish jamie_vest
Scott Youngdahl Spanish scott_youngdahl