Faculty Sponsor: Mike LeNoir

What is the RCHS Anime Club?

The RCHS Anime Club is a club for students at Rockbridge County High School who have an interest in Japanese animation.

On this site, we have art work submitted by many of our talented members who love anime.  Thanks to everyone who submitted art! New submissions are always welcome!

Click here to view our club's fan art page.

How Can I Join?

Any RCHS student interested in joining the Anime Club needs to pick up a parental permission form from Mr. LeNoir in Room T2, or download and print the permission form. Get the form signed by a parent or guardian and bring it back to Mr. LeNoir. After that, just attend meetings whenever you wish.


Regular club meetings will take place in Room T2 after school from 3:30 till 5:45 on various Tuesdays (dates to be determined). At the meetings we watch episodes of various anime titles. Check on the board in Room T2 to see when the next Anime Club will be held.



Each year we request screening permission for various anime titles we watch at our meetings. Last year, our lineup included the following Funimation titles.

DVD Library:

We have an Anime DVD library available to members of the club so they can view episodes on DVD of anime that we have received in the past as well as DVDs donated by members.  New DVDs are added to the collection whenever we receive them. Our current collection contains over forty titles including volumes of Air, Black Cat, Code Geass, Dragonball Z, Infinite Ryvius, Final Fantasy Unlimited, Fulmetal Alchemist, InuYasha, Noein, S-Cry-ed, Scrapped Princess, and many other titles.