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RCHS Special Education Department

The special education department offers a variety of services to students found eligible for special education services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. The following services are available to students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP):  

Consulting Services- Consulting services are provided to students who are in regular education courses but require accommodations or modifications in order to be successful.  The special education case manager consults with the student, teachers, parent, and guidance counselors to ensure the student’s IEP is being implemented and followed appropriately.  

Academic Support- Academic support is available to students in regular education courses, as a pull-out option, and/or as a separate class period for all academic courses as deemed appropriate by the IEP Team.  

Resource Classes- Resource classes are available to students who need additional support outside of the regular education class in the areas of reading and math.   

Functional/Occupational Program- This course of study should be determined by an IEP team and only after the team determines that the grade level Virginia Standards of Learning is not appropriate for the student even with the use of modifications, adaptations, supplemental aides and services.  These courses will provide students real world application of skills in the areas of mathematics, reading, science, social studies, vocational education, and daily living skills.