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Independent Study

The Independent Study Program is available to students who are recommended by their Guidance Counselor.

 The independent study topic must be one that the student is "passionately interested in" and approved by coordinator.  Students can earn 1/2 credit each semester (the study topic can be year long course if desired). Students must invest a minimum of 90 hours each semester to earn 1/2 credit.

 Students are paired with a mentor from the RCHS, VMI, SVU, or W &L faculty or from the community by the program coordinator (mentor can not be a family member). Together the mentor and students set goals for the study on which the evaluation for credit will be based. The mentor decides how often to meet with students.

Students enrolled in Independent Study will meet with the coordinator during a free period or before or after school.

At the end of each semester students must present evidence of their learning (talk-demonstration, paper, test, or in any form the mentor suggests will show learning).